Presentations 2004

Multi-phase Process mining: Building Instance Graphs

Boudewijn van Dongen

9th Beta Symposium, Amersfoort

Discovering Petri Nets: It's a kind of magic ...

Wil van der Aalst

Invited talk at the Symposium for the Silver Jubilee of Prof. Dr. Grzegorz Rozenberg, Leiden University, 17 September 2004

Business Process Management in Healthcare Closing the loop by mining careflows

Wil van der Aalst

Invited talk at Medinfo 2004, San Francisco, USA, 7-11 September 2004

EMiT: A process mining tool

Boudewijn van Dongen

CPN'05, Aarhus, October 2005

Process Mining and Security: Detecting Anomalous Process Executions and Checking Process Conformance

Ana Karla A. de Medeiros

ATPN 2004 (WISP)

Discovering Coordination Patterns Using Process Mining

Wil van der Aalst

ATPN 2004 (PNC)

Process Mining for Ubiquitous Mobile Systems: an Overview and a Concrete Algorithm

Wil van der Aalst


Using Process Mining as a Tool for Delta Analysis

Wil van der Aalst


Mining Social Networks Uncovering Interactions Patterns in Business Processes

Wil van der Aalst

BPM 2004