Case study / Government
Example organizations using process mining
A few stories
Analysing the complaints process at Granada city council
The city council of Granada was triggered to look at their dossier handling processes because citizens had complained about delays. Therefore, a process mining analysis was performed within the tax collection department of the Granada council. They were able to find points of improvement that employees and managers could not find through their intuition.
Process mining in the Brazilian executive branch
Despite its economic wealth, Brazil has pitiful administrative efficiency indices that deviate from the advanced nations. The purpose of the study, was to identify gaps in regulatory processes proposed by the Federal Executive Branch, such as overlapping regulations in several layers, bottlenecks, and rework.
Discovering Process Inefficiencies in City Government
Facing the biggest ever challenge of reducing the budget, the Adult Services department at Bolton Council used process mining to provide a clear and comprehensive, multi-level picture of every stage in the assessment process, including detailed metrics, volumes, elapsed times between process steps, and how work was being passed between individuals and teams.